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Gary Carbonneau


I have been in education so long that I lost count years ago.  I love being part of a public school because we have programs to develop the whole student from academics to sports to music, clubs, and more.  I like to think that a counselor’s job is to provide direction and humanity.  Direction helps students establish and achieve their goals while humanity helps them understand how their actions affect themselves and others.  Basically I’m still in the game because I love young people.  They bring a great perspective because they are excited and hopeful about the future and they see the world through new lenses.  It is important that I not only see students in my office but that I regularly bring information and experiences to students in their classrooms.  

I began my career as a math teacher with a bachelor’s degree in Math Education from NAU.  Since that time I acquired two Master’s degrees from ASU in Counseling.  I have led leadership retreats for students, conducted counseling groups, trained in grief counseling, administered Title I programs, trained teachers in instructional improvement, taught at the community college, and talked with countless students about everything under the sun. I don’t think that there is any facet of education that I have not been involved with.  In my spare time I love being with my wife and two sons, playing guitar, practicing yoga, running and when I can get to the beach I love surfing!  In surfing you learn that getting knocked down isn’t a problem, it’s getting back up and paddling out for another wave that counts. So let’s work together to make Foothills a great place to learn and grow and let me help you become all that you aspire to be!